21, 22 & 23 JULY 2023

Zagori Mountain Running 2023

The greatest Greek mountain running event becomes 11 years old … and returns renewed and with many surprises! The anniversary ZMR21 will be the biggest celebration.
Will you miss the chance joining it?

The greatest Greek mountain running event returns renewed and with many surprises! Will you miss the chance joining it?


Zagori is one of the most distinguishing features in the land of Epirus in Greece. It comprises a special geographical, historical and architectural unity in place and time. The 46 villages with their unique natural beauty and the idiosyncratic mentality of the people preserve this identity in the present.

The Zagori Mountain Running, an integral part of this cultural harmony, offers to the athletes the opportunity to experience through their effort “the place beyond the mountain“.

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TeRA 2023 alternate route

Dear participants of Zagori Mountain Running, In the following link, you will find details concerning the route, such as elevation differences, weather forecast, terrain quality,


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People and Zagori Mountain Running


Dimitris Theodorakakos

It is always fascinating to return to this Ultra Race. I look forward to explore once again the greatness of Zagori. Either way there are far too many things that connect me to this race than just a BIB number. I look forward to this supreme effort and due to the fact that there are many unpredictable factors, you never know how it will turn out. But this is the part that excites me most, to fight with myself, the competition, and the weather conditions.

Jessed Hernández

Jessed Hernández

I came to ZMR to see a different race, because they told me that it is the most beautiful ultra in Greece. Indeed, I can’t tell if there is any other ultra like this one. I like the fact that there are qualified athletes and this makes the competition tough. The higher the level the more fun we have. We will try to give our best, the best we can.


Glykeria Tziatzia

The quality of ZMR actually keeps the athletes coming back to the place beyond the mountain.


Linda Doke

The magnificent area of Zagori is Greece’s most well hidden secret. This place with its natural beauty above all expectations, is hosting one of the most popular ultra trail races in the country, the TeRA 80km.The race is just as good, if not better at some parts, as other well-established European races.


Nick Kalofiris

It’s not only about the race that attracts me but also the story behind it, when this was just an idea. Mara, Iraklis, Vasilis and I, along with some other good friends, walked the route and we decided it to make it happen. Therefore, I feel very connected to ZMR. Apart from the emotional part, there is the racing part. The race takes place in a unique place of outstanding natural beauty. Competition is tough and therefore challenging.


John Kourkourikis

Zagori is a place of great beauty that promotes the harmonic co-existence of nature and man I firstly participated in ZMR in 2012. Before that, I had no idea what was hidden “in there”. Since then, I have been a loyal fan, being present every summer. Each time is unique, a deep breath of life that makes you born again. Mere happiness and luck to experience such beauty. All routes are great, but TeRA 80km stands out! Eight (8) villages are met in this route. See you in July. Be there!

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