Frequently Asked Questions

1. Big decision is taken to run in the ZMR. How do I register?

As simple as that! Just click here! Select the race you want to participate in and fill in your details, according to instructions.

2. I completed the form. Now what?

If you have entered all the information correctly, you will be redirected to the Eurobank payment gateway, where you can use your credit or debit card to complete the process. Once your payment has been verified, you will get a confirmation mail for your participation and your info is automatically added to our database.

In the same email you will also find attached your Participation Certificate (with your BiB number) as well as your invoice for your payment.

3. How much does the participation cost?

You can find details of the cost here. The amount corresponds to timing and organizing services, refreshments, finisher medal and to the official ZAGORI MOUNTAIN RUNNING t-shirt, which you will be receiving during the race. Moreover, those who will successfully finish the TeRA 80km race will receive finisher gifts.

4. The time has come. How do I get to the starting point?

All participants will need to come to the village Tsepelovo. You can find directions here.

5. Where am I going to get my BIB and equipment pack?

You have many choices. A big opening event will take place on Thursday July 18 2024 at Fifth Element Store (2 Dagli St. Ioannina), where you can get your equipment pack.

If you cannot make it on Thursday, then you can easily get your pack from the ZMR Admin desk, located in Tsepelovo, on July 19-20 2024, all day long at your convenience.

6. When and where does each race start?

All races start from Tsepelovo village (High School).

  • TeRA starts on 20/07/2024 at 05:00
  • Zagori Classic Race 33km starts on 21/07/2024 at 06:30
  • Half Marathon 21km starts on 20/07/2024 at 07:30
  • Forest 10km starts on 21/07/2024 at 08:45

7. What is all about with the Criteria for the 80km & 44km races?

The ZMR Committee, for the safe conduct of the TeRA 80km and Marathon+ 44km races, has decided to impose certain “race criteria-requirements”, in order to confirm the participants’ competence and to maintain a high quality of supporting services during the race. You can read more here

8. Where can I stay during the weekend?

Local hotels and guest houses will do their best to accommodate you. For nature lovers and campers, the ZMR Committee will provide a specific camping area near the village of Tsepelovo.

9. What if I have a question?

An Info Kiosk will be available during the weekend, helping you with questions and problems you might have, near the starting/finishing point at Tsepelovo.