The joy of offering!

Volunteering at Zagori Mountain Running

Key success factor for every sporting event is volunteerism. The volunteers are our superpower. Their dedication and willingness are priceless. Their role is significant, as they help with the preparations and during the events. They give their best smile, their love and their help in every way to the athletes.

In the last years, a strong core of volunteers has been developed supporting productively the ZMR. The interaction with the athletes and the participants, the mutual feelings engaged, is a unique experience.

Volunteering is attitude. It has no age. Our community needs us.

ZMR treasures every single one of you.

Let’s stand together in this project!

Volunteering section. Person in charge: Mara Kalogirou, Giorgos Papadopoulos

Contact details: info@zagorirace.gr

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