Experience the most challenging race:
60km+33km within 2 days!

A few words about Challenge

For the first time in 2024 the Challenge race will be held!

Challenge is basically the combination of 2 races: TeRA (60km) and Zagori Classic Race 33km (33km)

Created for all those athletes who wish to face the challenge of running 2 races back-to-back, pushing their personal limits!

The athletes who will participate in the Challenge, will practically participate in both races, covering a total of 93km:

  • 20/07/2024 (05:00): TeRA – 60km
  • 21/07/2024 (06:30): Zagori Classic Race 33km – 33km

The results of the athletes participating in the Challenge will be included in the 2 individual races that will be run (TeRA & Zagori Classic Race 33km).

Elevation Profiles

Basic details

Participation limit

A maximum of 100 athletes can participate in the race.

Time limit
The limits of the 2 individual races apply:
  • 15 hours from the race start.
  • 9 hours from the race start.
Intermediate cut off point

TeRA:4 hours and 45 minutes from the race start

Zagori Classic Race 33km:  no cut off points

Race description - Supply - Equipment

Due to the fact that the Challenge is a combination of races:
  • the race routes along with the GPX files
  • the nutrition of athletes
  • the & recommended equipment
is being described in detail on the TeRA & Zagori Classic Race 33km individual race pages: