The Zagori Mountain Running 2023 official poster

The therapeutic harmony of nature is our home

Throughout history, humans have always sought refuge in the flowers and plants of nature, seeking solace in times of joy and sorrow, in illness and wounds. The father of Medicine, Hippocrates, taught us that “nature is the healer of diseases”: to respect the power of nature and find harmony with our environment.

The 12th Zagori Mountain Running event introduces us to this therapeutic relationship between humans and nature, through the rich flora of the Vikos Gorge and the wider area of Zagori, which includes over 1750 species and subspecies of plants. In Zagori, we can find endemic plants that are not found anywhere else in the world!

The high botanical value of the gorge is primarily due to the significant variations in altitude (ranging from 370m to 2,637m), the topography of the mountain ranges, and the unique microclimatic conditions of Zagori.

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the healing powers of plants. Healers and wise individuals have been captivated by the amazing properties of these plants. In the region of Vikos, there were special healers known as “Vikogiatri” (doctors of the Vikos gorge) who learned their skills through experience rather than formal training. They discovered the healing methods hidden in the rich collection of herbs found in the gorge. Their ancient knowledge has been passed down from one generation to another, and it still amazes and impresses people today.

Εvery year, the Organization honors and showcases the nature of Zagori, which has been welcoming thousands of athletes and runners from all over Greece and the world for 12 years.

Nature is our home: The strong symbolism of the poster is a call to connect with the therapeutic harmony of nature, with the certainty and security that it will never abandon us!

This year, we run alongside the rare and wild orchids of Zagori, the Centaurea tymphaea, the Hypericum perforatum, the Greek mountain tea, the sage, and many other plants and herbs that we will encounter along the trails!