IMPORTANT: TeRA route modification & change of start time for the 21km & 10km ZMR23 races.

Dear athletes,

based on the latest weather forecasts, we are likely to experience higher temperatures than usual during the days of Zagori Mountain Running 2023.

Therefore, the TeRA race route is being modified on an emergency basis to ensure the athletes’ health and safety in these specific conditions.

After consultations with our technical and sports advisors, with the primary concern being the athletes’ well-being due to the high temperatures, especially in the lower areas of the route, the course is now altered. The updated distance is 60 km with a total positive elevation gain of 4250 meters (with minor variations). The revised “trace” of the route (GPX file) will be uploaded to our official website shortly, along with a related announcement.

Specifically, from the start of the race until the Astraka refuge (37th km), the TeRA route remains unchanged.

From the Astraka refuge onwards, instead of descending to Papigo as initially planned, the route will continue for the next 10 km, following essentially the same path as the 44 km race. This means passing through Lake Romvozi, Mega Lakkos, and then continuing through Augerinos. At this point, the TeRA and 44 km races will separate again. The new TeRA continues along the ridge of Augerinos and heads towards the village of Vradeto. It will descend through Vradeto’s famous stone steps and then pass through Kapesovo. From Kapesovo, it will follow the same route as originally planned for TeRA 80 km until the finish line.

With this necessary modification, we aim to ensure that the athletes will be moving under conditions with a maximum temperature of 26°C, considering that they will mostly be at high altitudes.

Change of start time for the 21km & 10km races For the Half Marathon 21km & Entry Race 10km, the start time of the races is modified for the same reasons, as follows:
  • 21km: Race starts at 07:30
  • 10km: Race starts at 08:45
Thank you very much for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you again at the “place beyond the mountain” to experience unique moments once again!