Tymfi’s 7 Summits

Mountains are an important element of human life, offering shelter, natural resources, and unique biodiversity.

Their peaks symbolize human persistence and willpower, as well as the unique feeling of freedom.

The 13th Zagori Mountain Running invites us to discover the enchanting landscape of Tymfi through its 7 most iconic peaks.

Tymfi is one of the most impressive mountain ranges in Greece. It is known for its wild beauty, deep gorges, lush forests, and impressive peaks. Within its boundaries lies the Vikos–Aoös National Park, a protected Natura 2000 habitat, an area with rare flora and fauna.

It includes the Vikos Gorge, the Aoös Gorge, and a series of unique picturesque villages in the Zagori region, which are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area has been named the “Park of Great Peaks” due to its many steep and high peaks, with the highest being Gamila (2497m).

It offers stunning landscapes and is a significant natural treasure of Greece.

  • Gamila (2497m): The highest peak of Tymfi, considered the most majestic peak in the main range of Northern Pindos. Its steep rocky slopes with unique gradients and wild angular beauty have characterized it as the Greek climbing paradise.
  • Astraka (2436m): Widely known for its imposing mass, stone towers, and the impressive view it offers towards the Vikos Gorge, one of the two deepest and most impressive gorges in the world, as well as the plateau of lakes.
  • Ploskos (2380m): Offers stunning views of the surrounding area, as it is within a stone’s throw from Gamila, Astraka, and of course the alpine lake Dragon Lake at an altitude of 2050m.
  • Karteros (2478m): Equally impressive and known for the unique “Karteros Passage,” the steep and rough gulley that separates the peaks Gamila II and Karteros, one of the few passages to the western side of the mountain.
  • Megala Litharia (2467m): Known for the large, extensive rocks that offer excellent views and unique photographic opportunities.
  • Tsouka Rossa (2377m): Popular for its distinctive shape, offering stunning views of the Zagori area and beyond. Its Slavic name means “red peak” due to the color it takes on at sunset.
  • Goura (2467m): One of the most demanding peaks to climb in Tymfi, but the breathtaking view from the top rewards the effort of every mountaineer or ski enthusiast.
The poster of the 13th Zagori Mountain Running is inspired by Tymfi and its 7 most iconic peaks, attempting, even just a little, to capture the magic and grandeur of this unique place!