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The ZMR 10km is an enjoyable race in every sense. It starts and finishes at the village Kipi, 750m of altitude, and it is the ideal choice for newcomers in the trail running. You will adore the beautiful route, passing by the famous stone bridges: the “Three-arched or Kalogeriko”, the “Kokoris Bridge” and the “Kapetan Arkoudi Bridge”. Supporters will encourage you at every Refreshment Station and you will experience unforgettable moments of joy. This ZMR 10km race is the reason that will make you return to this place.

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Το 10άρι του Zagori Mountain Running, είναι ο αγώνας που θα σας δώσει έναν ακόμη λόγο για να ξαναγυρίσετε σε αυτόν τον τόπο!

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