We are happy to inform the athletes of the TeRA 80km and Marathon+ 44km about the following:

  1. For the Pasta Party on Friday 20/7 at the Tsepelovo High School, your are kindly requested to present the card found in your bag along with your participation pack
  2. For the recovery meal after the finish of the 80 and 44+ km races, which will be served at the Tsepelovo High School yard, you are kindly requested to present your BIB  number of the race
  3. Finisher gifts for the two main races (80 and 44km) will be delivered on Saturday 21/7, at 20:00 onwards at the Tsepelovo High School, presenting your BIB number of the race
  4. Distribution of bib numbers and participation packs will start on Thursday 19/7 at the FIFTH ELEMENT adventure-equipment store in Ioannina (18.30-21.00). We kindly request, especially residents of Ioannina and athletes who will be in town, to stop by the store and collect their participation pack for their best convenience, so as to avoid rush at the Registration desk in Tsepelovo.