Fifth Element

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The great love for mountain running led to the creation of a group called Fifth Element based on the philosophy of creating friendly relations with a common goal to extract pleasure from the promotion of mountain running and respect for nature .

Group Fifth Element embraces all those who discover the beauty in mountain running and all those activities that have to do directly with nature. Consequently each independent group or individual, on the occasion of any activity, consider themselves, an integral and indivisible element of nature, are obviously the “fifth element” of nature and belong to the Fifth Element group.

The team’s effort to bring mountain running in the city of Ioannina brought even closer, people with great sports experience in mountain racing and now the group is numbered by many experienced athletes participating in several international and domestic competitions. This aspect highlights the racing character of the team and defines its opposite pole which “provokes” , encourages and organizes the participation of its members in various sports and racing events.



Eventually the goals of the group Fifth Element focus on promoting sports culture and pointing to an alternative life in which the continuous contact between man and nature reconcile each member primerelly with themselves and their fellowmen, and finally with the natural world.

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