The exceptional ecosystem of Zagori, a unique set of natural diversity, is brightly illustrated in vivid colors in the official Zagori Mountain Running 2019 Buff®. This special graphic design introduces us to the rich fauna of the area, the protected and endangered species, we run across in the National Forest Vikos-Aoos, in the Vikos Gorge and in the paths. More than 60 mammals and a total of 180 bird species are hosted in the area.

Our favorite and collective ZMR accessory is now available at the Fifth Element Adventure–Store and at the Fifth Element Booth, ZMR EXPO in Tsepelovo, the venue of the event.

The ZMR Organizing Committee will donate part of the proceeds of the collective Buff to the Northern Pindos National Park, contributing to the protection and preservation of biodiversity, thanking for the exceptional cooperation on zagori races.

Zagori Race Official Βuff® 2019! Don’t miss it!