The 10th ZMR Anniversary Poster

"…man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots, whose flower and fruitage is the world..."

The poster for the 10th Anniversary Zagori Mountain Running is dedicated to its people. It is dedicated to all the runners, whose presence throughout these years has been giving life and joy to the villages, reviving the paths and trails. It is dedicated to the local community, who generously and warmly embraced this event from its birth. It is dedicated to all the visitors and travelers who adored the “place beyond the mountain” and return every summer to the glorious Tymfi mountain. It is dedicated to the foreign sportspeople from 53 countries, all over the world, who have come here to race and experience the Zagori culture and tradition in this unique landscape. It is dedicated to our volunteers who have made lifetime relationships, demonstrating the value of volunteering. Finally, it is dedicated to the sponsors who believed in this idea and support it by all means.

After a rough year, during which the pandemic has changed and affected our lives in many ways, the 10th Anniversary ZMR is leading the way, showing that life means people together, united and hopeful, healthy and safe, aspiring to a better future.

That group of runners, around 300 people, who took part in the 1st Mountain Marathon on 24 July 2011 in Zagori, has been growing year by year. No one could imagine back then that their love for mountain running could be the beginning of an exciting story, which inspired hundreds of others creating a fantastic community. No one could ever think that the first Zagori mountain race 10 years ago could become the best celebrated and most popular summer outdoor sporting event.

Welcome to the 10th Anniversary Zagori Mountain Running!


Art Editing: Mara Kalogiriou, Babis Nakos, Panos Sotiriou

Words/Author: Millie Tsoumani